Thursday, August 09, 2012

Gone Camping!

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I rarely go dark on the blog unless I'm sick or on deadline, but I won't be posting again until Monday. The two younger kidlets have a swim meet on the Oregon Coast so we're going to camp in the park next to the pool and make a mini-vacation out of it.

Our oldest wants nothing to do with camping (or maybe she wants nothing to do with me since we've reached that stage of adolescence) so she's not going. The animals aren't going either, not even Chaos. We have housesitter staying here to make sure all our babies are okay while we're away.

Even though this is a vacation, I plan on writing. I'm bringing my Alphasmart since I doubt they'll be a place to recharge my MacBook Pro. But if I have Internet access, I will put my Alphie aside so I can use this app I found last week on Twitter. Written? Kitten! is totally awesome! Perfect inspiration to get me writing more words and faster.

I did want to share this story from the New York Times about outdoor cats wearing Kitty Cams and what they do when you're not watching. My cats stay indoors all the time, but it's worth a read. I had to smile when I read about cats cheating on their owners. I'd wondered about that!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I intend to. See you on Monday!

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see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!


Quilt Lady said...

Enjoy your mini-vacation. Kids do get to the point they don't want to go with the parents and then it changes back later in life. Have a good one!

Maria Zannini said...

Have fun!

Ref: kitty cam
If I had a dog cam on my dogs, it would be dull footage. They must sleep 20 hours a day.

Jane said...

Have fun. I've never been camping and would like to see how it feels sleeping outside.

Brandy said...

Hope you have fun and are able to get some writing done!

Dru said...

Have fun

John Henry Goico said...

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