Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tree Again

I saw the above LOLcat on my Facebook Newsfeed. All I could think about was Beauty! Of course we have a new Christmas tree issue.

Cato, the new puppy, has been trying to eat it. Okay, he's probably teething and using it to chew on in spite of having toys for that. I'm wondering if the family would mind just having a natural looking tree with lights, wooden bead garland and maybe candy canes.

I have a feeling they're going to say no, which means I'll be saying no to the puppy and the cat until Epiphany!

Busy day since it's one of my crazy Wednesday. The good news is hubby is home this week. That really helps! Hope you have a good day!


Quilt Lady said...

I had to take son back to doctor today for follow up other then that things are going good here. Still need to get some Christmas shopping done.

Brandy said...

We have yet to put up our tree. I'm a little scared of how that's going to go this year with a handful who have never been around one before. What about a spray bottle of water? Every time the puppy or cat mess with the tree spritz them? (We have water guns for that. *g*)

Best wishes for a great day!