Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Romances!

I don't have a new Christmas book out this year, but I thought I'd tell you about my past Christmas stories in case you're new to my writing.

I have a series of Christmas books from Harlequin Romance that feature a group of mountain rescuers who live in fictional Hood Hamlet. The stories are set on Mount Hood, about an hour and a half from where I live and a place I love. Each book is standalone, but characters do reappear in the other stories.

The first book is called RESCUED BY THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS.

I never intended to write a series about mountain rescuers. This was more of a book of a heart. But after I got to know a couple member of Portland Mountain Rescue, who helped me with my research, and local climbers who got me climbing, I wanted to write another and another get the picture!

Here's the back cover blurb for that first book:
Carly Bishop hasn't celebrated Christmas for six years—not since icy Mount Hood claimed her fiancĂ©'s life and left her a widow before she was a bride.

But this year, handsome Jake Porter is determined she'll enjoy herself. Jake is a mountain rescuer, big-hearted and courageous, but Carly is too scared of loving him in case she loses him. In a whirl of festive fun, sleigh rides and snowball fights, Christmas starts to weave its magic. Though it's Jake who is melting Carly's heart.
Then there's SNOW-KISSED REUNION, a free eight chapter on-line read at Harequin. It's not set at Christmas time, but pre-Thanksgiving. Here's the teaser for that story:
Cocoa Marsh had resigned herself to giving up her dreams. She might never be a competitive snowboarder again, but at least her job as a designer for Hughes Snowboards gave her the opportunity to ride whenever she wanted. And as for that pesky hope of a happily ever after…well, the love she'd felt five years ago for snowboarding superstar Rex Billings hadn't been real, anyway. He'd proven that when he'd left and never spoken to her again.

Until now, that is. Because Rex Billings was back, and looking more devastating than ever. Not that she was going to let herself fall for his charm and knee-weakening smile again. Even if he seemed more grounded, more committed, more…like a dream that might actually come true….
If you'd like to read the novella, click on the title above or here. This story reintroduces mountain rescue team leader and hero of the next book in the series, Sean Hughes.

That book, CHRISTMAS MAGIC IN THE MOUNTAINS, is also my Romance Writer's of America's 2011 RITA® finalist Book in the Contemporary Category Romance category. Here's the blurb:
When snowboard designer Sean Hughes sees Zoe Flynn hitchhiking at the bottom of Mount Hood he recognizes a free spirit—much like himself!

They hit it off, and Zoe ends up agreeing to pose as Sean's girlfriend at his family's Thanksgiving. But following an accident and a misunderstanding they're soon stuck with each other for the Christmas holidays!

Zoe's girl-next-door looks make Sean wish their charade was a romantic reality, but Zoe is hiding something…and he has until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve to discover her secret!

FIREFIGHTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE came out last Christmas and features the lone woman on the rescue team. She also happens to be a firefighter paramedic. This is the blurb:
Christmas magic in Hood Hamlet...

For Leanne, infuriatingly charming firefighter Christian Welton is out of bounds. Not only is he too young for her, but his trail of broken hearts is legendary. Leanne's fought hard to be one of the boys, and won't let anyone see that Christian's smile makes her want to melt into his arms!

Christian wanted to discover the softer side of the tough-talking paramedic, but hasn't counted on how much the real Leanne affects him. He's vowed never to settle down, but under the mistletoe it's certainly the season to be tempted.…
I'm not finished with the series, either! In March a new Hood Hamlet story, WINNING BACK HIS WIFE, will be published, and I'm currently writing another Christmas book in the series!

What is your favorite Christmas themed novel?