Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas To Do list almost complete! I can't wait until I can say Mission Accomplished but that won't happen until tomorrow.

At least the Grinch kitty can't keep Christmas from coming. I had my doubts with everything I needed to do, but it all worked out. Having the kids gone helped. Immensely.

I finished up the decorating around the house. All the groceries for Christmas day was purchased. As well as a couple of last minute presents. I also bought stockings for the newest four-footed members of the family!

I spent Saturday wrapping while watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie. I kept switching between the Hallmark Channel and USA. Needless to say there are finally gifts under the tree. That means the animals have to squeeze around the presents to nap.

This is Cato before presents. He sure likes it under there. If he's not there, you'll find Beauty and Yoda. I wish all three would nap together, but so far that hasn't happened. Maybe I need to touch of Hood Hamlet Christmas Magic for that to happen!

The kids returned from my parents house in time for Finn's soccer game. They won! He scored two goals. I was thankful it was indoors not outdoors in the cold and rain!

Last night we made our gingerbread house. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. But our tradition is to do 12 Days of Christmas so we really don't do much celebrating until now. And this helps me since I need all of Advent to get ready. I'm always behind due to writing and life!

The angel finally went on the top of the tree last night. We had to wait because it was Finn's turn (we rotate each year) and we weren't completely finished decorating the house. The angel is the last thing to go up. 

The tree doesn't have decorations on the bottom branches because of Cato. The puppy is having a grand old time with the garland which I strung too low this year. Oops! Lesson learned.

We kept the breakable ornaments off the tree once again. This is for Cato's sake on the lower branches but mainly for Beauty who likes to climb through the center of the tree and cause havoc. It doesn't look too bad. I miss seeing the other pretty, fragile ones I've collected over the years, but oh, well... I love my animals. I did hang two Radkos on the top shelf of our great room built in on ornament hangers!
 Well, I have to finish getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve brunch with my side of the family.  I got up early this morning to make chocolate covered strawberries! One of my nephews loves them and no matter how many I make they are the first thing gone each year!

Growing up I had dreams of these big family Christmas celebrations since there was always just my parents and sister every holiday. You know the kind you see on TV, not perfect but loud and full of laughter and food. But everyone has their own idea of how they want to spend Christmas day and evening as well as Christmas Eve, so a few years ago we decided a family brunch would be a good compromise. And it has been.

Do you have a big get together with friends and family to celebrate Christmas?