Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's been a dog-filled weekend (i.e. we attended a dog show on Saturday and Sunday.) Plus watching Cato, the puppy, is a full-time job if he isn't in the X-pen.

A good thing Cato's so cute. That little guy is living up to his name (named after the Career Tribute from District 2 in The Hunger Games.) He has no fear of anything, including the cats!

I feel sorry for them because the LOLcat to the left pretty much sums up the weekend the felines around here had! We had to be on guard all the time! But I must admit I'm impressed by the cats' patience with the puppy under the circumstances. I owe them all some special treats.

Cato and Mackenna
But we made good progress in potty training thanks to implementing a bell. A couple of friends recommended that and you should have seen our excitement when he actually rang it yesterday. He also had a bath. Not sure what he's been getting into, but that sweet puppy smell was being overpowered by something none of us wanted to smell!

I've also been working hard on my new proposal. It's due in one week.

While the girls and I were at the dog show, hubby and our son got more lights up outside. It looks so nice, but our son thinks we need more. He wants to decorate everything so I guess they'll be at it again as soon as they have some free time.

The boxes of Christmas decorations made it into the house, but between the dogs and writing, I didn't touch one of them. It didn't help that lights on two of the branches went out. I think Cato may have had something to do with that!

In other news, I gave my first quote on a book. Kissing Kendall is being released today by Entangled Bliss. Jennifer Shirk who writes "sweet" romance like I do asked if I'd give her one. You can see what I said if you click on the cover pic.

This is book two of a series, but it's very much stand-alone. I'd never read book #1 and had no problem jumping right in. You can read an excerpt of Kissing Kendall at Amazon to get a taste of her voice. Just click on the Look Inside near the cover. If you like the kind of stories I write, check her out.

Well, the puppy is barking. Chaos is pacing. The cats are sleeping. The kids are out of the house today which means I'd better get writing!

Hope you have a nice Monday.