Thursday, December 20, 2012


Pretty much every four-footed McClone has been trying to steal Christmas this year. We haven't even finished decorating, yet!

We've got unbreakable and kid made ornaments on the tree. Again. It's pretty, but I stare at the two ornament boxes with the other ornaments longingly. But both Beauty and Yoda are captivated by the tree and always around it. So far not up it again, but I have a feeling that's only a matter of time.

After seeing what Cato can do with a paper towel or the newspaper, I'm afraid to put the presents under the tree. Someone suggested we put the X-Pen around the tree to keep the puppy and the cats away. But I don't want to do that. I guess I'll just keep the water bottle handy. Though Cato seems to enjoy getting wet.

The kids believe the Nativity scene we put under the tree will be toast due to the puppy. It's not out yet. We just put the tree skirt under the tree. That's now become Cato's favorite napping spot.

Okay, I must get busy. More Christmas decorating to do, some writing and I'm heading to Church in a bit to try and organize our office for the Good Shepherd program I teach! My co-teacher and I were over there yesterday getting the movable shelves we use to make the Atrium environment. Now to get the fixed shelves in the office looking all neat and tidy! They've become our catch-all for the past few months and it's not good!

Hope you have a great day!