Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Meet Cato

The lolcat about is a typical scene around here these. The cats aren't sure what to make of the puppy. That doesn't deter the pup in the slightest. He misses his brothers and wants to play. Surely these cats will play with him.

Insert bop puppy's head by cats here.

Cato - 10 weeks old
Yes, lots of head bopping going on around here. I must admit I'm surprised the cats are as patient as they are. Not as much hissing as they did with red puppy. No claws extended.

 Meet Cato. His registered name will be Janor's Tribute. His name comes from The Hunger Games. He was named after the career tribute from District #2. Mackenna picked the name.

He has a much different personality than red puppy. He's not afraid or timid (though he's not sure what to make of hubby at times.) He loves to be held, carried, cuddled. He'll even nap with the kidlets. We're working on the potty training.

This morning the barking started at 5:40 am. Guess we don't have to worry about setting our alarms for awhile! It was my turn to get up so I took Cato outside. The temperature wasn't that cold, but everything was wet. I had my Croc slippers so my feet stayed dried, but after Cato took care of business he decided it was time to play...with me. I was in a nightgown (won't be wearing one again when it's my turn) and a fleece jacket. By the time we headed inside, the front of the nightgown was wet from his little paws.

I tried to go back to sleep, but then the alarm went off for real. I have a feeling a nap is in my future this afternoon!

Hope you have a great day!