Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost Christmas!

Yesterday was a full day. I was running around town trying to get a lot of things checked off my Christmas Prep To Do list.

First up on my list was a trip to the mall to see Santa. My 14 yo did not want to go. But the two youngests were game. My 12 yo said he didn't want to see Santa, but he changed his mind after he walked around a bit and then joined us in line.

My 9 yo was so excited. She loves Santa, and couldn't wait to tell him what she wanted for Christmas—a Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout. She'd already written him a letter telling him this, but she wanted to make sure he knew this was the number one item on her list!

My son debated on what he should tell Santa he wanted. Number one on his list this year is the LEGO Death Star set. But he decided that was too big to ask for so he told Santa he wanted the second item on his list instead—Call of Duty Black Ops, an XBOX game.

After Santa, I surprised Rose by having her ears pierced. She's been asking and asking. I figured this was a good time. Hubby wasn't so sure, but I reminded him that Mackenna was a couple months younger than Rose when she had hers done. I think that surprised him. We always think of our youngest as the baby. Needless to say Santa and ear piercing made her day!

We grabbed lunch at Burgerville. Egg nog shake, yum! Then had a few minutes home before we headed to Crossfit. While the kids worked out, I wrote letters. I had some packages I needed to send out later. Then it was back home.

The kids left for my parents (I have a kid free weekend to finish up Christmas stuff) and I headed to the Post Office, Bank and Outlet Mall, specifically Harry & David. I realized baking just wasn't going to happen (at least not beyond what my family will want for Christmas) so I bought our neighbors Moose Munch. Even hubby agreed this was the best way to go this year so that was a big relief.

I'm up early for a Saturday in order to get stuff done. Wrapping is first up on my list, and then I'll go from there. The only thing I'm not sure of are cards. I'm coming to the realization that picture Christmas cards are a pain in the butt for me to deal with. I've been asking for pics for three weeks (they aren't on my computer) and it's not happening. I still have my Happy New Year cards from last year with our annual Christmas letter all done because the family never sent them out for me (plan was I make card, they address and mail them because I was too busy with a book.) So I think I'm just going to do regular Christmas scene cards from now.

What are you doing today?