Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday links and shares

I'm busy writing so I thought I'd share a couple links I came across this weekend that I enjoyed.

The first is about parenting, and is from The Matt Walsh blog. Click here. I remember one of Rose's tantrums. It was in Target, and we stuck it out in spite of the glares and mutterings of other customers. Needless to say I really loved this blog!

Another is a commercial from Thailand's True. There are subtitles, but even without them you could figure out what was going on. Definitely worth three minutes of your time. But fair warning...tissue alert!

My friend Al sent me this link to a Buzzfeed article titled "15 Types of Readers, As Told By Cats and Dogs." Love, love, love it!

Do have any links you want to share?


Brandy said...

Ack! The video made me cry! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.
I always ignored and waited out my kids tantrums. They figured out pretty quick we wouldn't give in and they usually stopped short.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Quilt Lady said...

I caught this video on facebook it was something else. Kids tantrums can be so embarrising but you can't give in.

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