Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Release Day!

funny pictures - Never take this cat to a soccer field
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Today is release day for my newest book IT STARTED WITH A CRUSH...  (If you click on the title, the link takes you to Amazon.)

This is the story I called the soccer book as I was writing it. Here's the review from RT:
IT STARTED WITH A CRUSH … (4) by Melissa McClone: Lucy Martin is caring for her young nephew while his parents are serving in the Reserves. The young boy, desperate to find a new coach for the soccer team that his father used to lead, asks Lucy to see if injured soccer star Ryland James would be willing to coach. As a teenager, Lucy had a big crush on the soccer player from the wrong side of town. Ryland is unhappy to be back in the town where people had no respect for him until he became a national soccer star. Great characters and heartwarming moments make McClone’s latest novel a pleasure to read.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett
The idea for this story came to me after my son made a competitive U-10 soccer team in the spring of 2010. One of his coaches was also a Portland Timbers players. (You can read about him here in The Oregonian.) The story gears started spinning the minute I met Finn's coach. But it took me awhile to come up with the right soccer player hero and the right plot!

My big boy cat, Rocket (aka fat cat), was the inspiration for Manny, the cat in the story. I'm a bit behind with my promo stuff so I'll stick up an excerpt tomorrow!

This book also has a free bonus story included! It's is a full length Harlequin Romance, too, written by me. Win, Lose, Wed... was out in December 2007 and is my take on The Amazing Race, The Bachelor and other reality TV shows.

Today is also the first of the month so I'll announce a winner of the contest later! Just didn't have time to do it, so please check back! Thanks!