Monday, January 26, 2009

Computer Woes

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Ever have one of those days when it feels as if your computer is conspiring against you? My mac has been doing it all weekend. Today was no better. The original post I had planned for today was swallowed up into the abyss. This after two different phone calls with IT help guys at Stanford to get my account there working. Not a good computer day so I'll just get on to the contest...

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-01-27 02:03:25 UTC

This week's free book winner is Virginia. She won with a comment on the post Random Thursday. Virginia, please choose one book from the list here. Email me your choice along with your snail address. You can use the contact form on my website.

Last week's winner Brandy chose Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist. The week before's winner Amy sent me the title of the book she wanted, but I can't find the email for some reason. So Amy please check your inbox!

If you're new here and want to enter the contest, just comment on the blog. Every comment you make gives you one entry into the weekly free book contest, so comment often!


Virginia said...

Hi Melissa, thanks so much for picking my name. I sent in my info!

We have a big snow storm headed our why tonight. Looks like I am going to be snowbound for a few days and will be doing some reading.

limecello said...

My computer has been acting up too :( I'm so worried.
Congrats, Virginia!

:( we have a big storm coming too - even colder temps, more snow accumulation of up to like 8+ inches.... blech.

Dru said...

Sorry about your computer woes. What is it about this weekend, you with computers and me with the quilts. I hope the problem is solved for you.

Congrats Virginia.

Have a good Tuesday.

Rottie_mom said...

Congrats Virginia.

Sorry to hear about your computer. My problem seems to be washers. I've been going to the same laundromat since 1996 except for 4 yrs when I lived in my townhouse. Well in the last 8 week 6 different machines I was using have broken down. And I've been using different machines. Im starting to think it might be me LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

catslady said...

Congrats Virginia!

We're suppose to get that snow too.

I spent an entire day a few weeks past to update my Norton. Paid extra for the jumpstart which you would assume meant it would be quicker - not. At least it's now running better but that's because so much was deleted and I do miss my toolbars and weatherbug lol.

Amy said...

Sorry about the computer woes. Hubs's Mac is getting twitchy. I'll probably take it in for a tune up when I get back from NY.

Did you get it all figured out?

Virginia said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I am post again right while I have a computer.

So far all we have gotten is a lot of ice and the power keeps going out from all of the tree limbs falling.

Anonymous said...

New to this spot. Surfed in from Harlequin authors blog. Count me in to enter the contest.
JWIsley AT

Brandy said...

I hope your computer issues clear up. Chris' mac is acting weird (his battery) so it must be an epidemic. *g*

Congratulations Virginia!

I hope you have a great day!

Jane said...

Congrats, Virginia. I hate it when my computer acts up.

Cheri2628 said...

Congrats, Virginia!

Sarita Leone said...

Big congrats, Virginia! :)