Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Tonight Mackenna's drama class did a bunch of improv exercises at an Open House. One of them had the kids acting like statues in a store you could turn on to see if you wanted to buy them. Mackenna and a friend were a pair of statues. When you turned them on, one slapped the other saying, "He likes me!" The other slapped back saying, "He likes me!" It was so funny. The entire room was laughing.

The only one not totally amused was hubby. The idea of boys and his daughter do not go over well. He's finally cool with the Jonas Brothers, but that's about it. The next ten to twenty years are going to be really difficult for him!

Today I worked some on the continuity. A cool 3 in 1 book with the first three Wedding Planners books arrived from England. And I started putting stuff together for our taxes. The info is starting to arrive in the mail so I thought I'd get organized. 2009 is my year of organization. It wasn't a resolution per se, but a goal.

I'll admit the organizing isn't going that great so far, but it's only January. There are still eleven more months for me to get my act together. I bought a nifty chore list calendar from Motivated Moms to help me stay (okay, get) on track. I'd do better with it though if I could remember where I put it!

Yes, I need to organize my organizing tools. Pretty sad, but what can I say?

So who out there is totally organized? And who is more like me?