Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home at last!

I've been gone since 6:50 am this morning. Zero words written, but I made my kidlets very happy by cheering them on at the last regular season swim meet. Of course there are three more meets considered championships and/or allstars, but who's counting?

Tomorrow night I'm having my friend Karen over for dinner. I must admit I'm nervous. She is an amazing cook and owns her own place that does catering and special events. It's where we hosted Finn's First Communion dinner. She also did Mackenna's First Communion dinner. And if I can talk her into it, she'll do Rose's in two years!

But cooking for an amazing chef is, in a word, intimidating. I've got the menu all planned and when I should fix what. Several items will be done in the morning. I am missing one ingredient, but not for lack of trying. Three stores though are sold out of the fingerling potatoes I need so I'll have to run out tomorrow to find them. Wish me luck!

But for now, I'd better try to get a few more words in on my JaNoWriMo project. I think we're suppose to report numbers and I haven't done that yet!

What was your Saturday like?