Friday, January 23, 2009

Lesson Not Learned

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Last night, I was unloading my minivan. I'd done my big grocery shopping trip which meant stops at three different stores: Costco, Fred Meyer and Winco. Lots of bags and an ice chest needed to be carried in. Chaos was in the backyard so I didn't have to worry about her getting out front, but guess who kept hanging out by the front door?


You'd think she would have learned her lesson the last time I was carrying in groceries like this, but no. She kept moving closer and closer to the door. I had to keep chasing her away so she wouldn't run out. She didn't care that I told her next time she got out she might not be so lucky. I finally tired of her games and ran her upstairs, but I still kept the door closed. No way did I want her out again all night, especially with the temperatures so low.

I didn't know if she was bored or what, but then she sat on the steps and meowed. I knew exactly what was wrong then. She was hungry. The meows kept increasing in volume and frequency until I walked up the steps. She darted into the bathroom where her food and water are kept.

I can't believe how spoiled these animals are. And, yes, I know, it's all my fault.

Spirit must be served her food with no spills or mess. She turns up her nose if any of the food falls out of the bowl when I pour. She must always eat before the other two cats, and they give her a wide berth until she's finished even if she only takes a nibble. She's the exact opposite of Smalls who is just like the kitty in the pic below. Smalls will eat out of the bag and drink out of the toilet. She eats of dishes and checks out the garbage if the door is left open. But then again, Smalls lived outside for the majority of her life and learned to fend for herself.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

But at least Spirit was inside tonight. I did a kitty count like catlady posted about just to make sure before I went to bed and all three were accounted for. I think the next time I'll lock her in my room to be on the safe side.

Hope you have a good Friday! Mine looks busy as usual with a few appointments and such. What about you?