Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kitty's Night Out

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My three cats are indoor cats. Smalls was originally an outdoor cat who came with your first house, but now she only goes out occasionally and not in winter.

Well, last night I was bringing in groceries. I locked Chaos in the backyard. Both Spirit and Rocket came downstairs. I shooed them away from the door. The last time I saw Spirit she was walking back to the stairs.

I haven't been feeling all that great since yesterday so I decided to go to bed early. I asked hubby to feed the cats and crawled into bed. Smalls jumped up with me for a little while as did Rocket. I never saw Spirit, but thought nothing of it since she's been hanging out under the Christmas tree for the last couple of weeks. But it was weird that she wasn't sleeping on my feet when Chaos wanted out this morning.

I stayed in bed this morning. Hubby had an early PT appointment. Guess what he heard as he was unlocking the front door when he got home? Meowing. Lots and lots of meowing, coming from our backyard.

He went out there and found Spirit under a bush. It had been raining most of the night. Luckily we have been having warmer temperatures.

Poor kitty.

She must have been terrified. I held her close and dried her with a towel. She's right next to me grooming herself now.

I feel bad that I didn't realize she was missing. If I had been the one to feed them, I would have known right away since they have a pecking order and she's the one who has to take a bite first before the other three. But luckily all turned out well, and maybe this will keep her inside the next time she sees an open door. Of course, she did it when she was a year old on Fourth of July. We found her under our front deck, but that was in 1998. Maybe it's a once every ten years kind of thing.

Has something like this ever happened to you and one of your pets?


Amy said...

The last time my cats made a break for it, they made it all of three feet to hide under the deck bench.

They're so adventurous.

Glad you found kitty.

Virginia said...

Glad your found your kitty! The only pets we have is fish in a tank and fish in a pond in the back yard.

Now when my son was about two and a half he made a break out the front door without a stich of clothes on. You should have seen me running after him to get him back in the house.

Dru said...

I'm glad Spirit was found safe and sound.

We lost our kitty when she jumped the window. We lived on the first floor in a building complex and the parking lot separated our building. We couldn't find her for a couple of days. One day we were walking and we heard a meow and she was under an abandoned car all covered with goo and dirt and hungry. That was the last time she jumped out the window.

Brandy said...

Midnight escaped recently the night we were putting together the erector set. We're not sure how he slipped out, but later on that evening he meowed and I thought it was one of the kitties upstairs as they are odd enough to walk around meowing. I hear it again and asked Daughter to check the closets, they like to slip in those. I didn't think much of it when she couldn't find a kitty in the closets. I heard it again and just KNEW Midnight had gotten out, the stinker. Sure enough it had started to rain out and he wanted in when he got wet! *G*

I hope you're feeling better today!

Jane said...

I don't have any pets, so this has never happened to me. Glad Spirit is okay.

limecello said...

Awweee poooor thing. I'm glad she's ok though - and yes- maybe she has learned her lesson for the next ten years.

The doggeh hasn't gotten free - and I pray God he doesn't. I think I'd have a coronary. He's not afraid of the street/cars... and there's a distinct possibility that someone would steal him.

He does, however, pull on walks at times. We're still figuring out the pecking order at times, but I'm generally She Who Must Be Obeyed, and thank goodness.

catslady said...

Oh the stories I could tell...I never go to bed anymore unless I see all (at the moment 6) of them. The worst was one cat that never tried to get out (unlike a couple of them) and the next morning I couldn't find him. I had gone out the night before but so had my husband and I was sure he got out with him. I called and called - inside and outside. I was totally sick (this was the cat I rescued as a tiny baby from being covered in motor oil). I spent the entire next two days looking outside and calling. I was checking the garage for the upteenth time and saw this large puddle of something and thought my husband had spilled something - OMG my cat was in the futhermost corner amongst all kinds of junk (he had peed himself). It took me forever to coax him out - I thought he had died because he didn't seem to even move. I have no idea why he never came to the door when I called other than being scared maybe because of the garage door opener which got opened more than once. Oh and he used to like going in there but it was a long time before he would even go near the door to the garage and never inside!

Rottie_mom said...

OH poor baby!!! I had a tuxedo cat called Tux. I'd just gotten him from Petsmart (rescue) and had only had him 1 week when something spooked him and he ran out the door. It was halloween of all days. I was frantic looking for him, calling, wasnt sure he would come to me since I had only had him for a bit (he was about 5 yrs old). I asked everyone I saw, most who only speak spanish (and my spanish is none existant). Finally this very pregnant lady who I'd asked earlier came and got me, and showed me a cat hidding behind a utility box. It was poor Tux, he was scared out of his mind, I called his name and he gave me the most pathetic meow. He had been out for 4 hrs and I'd been looking for him the whole time. I got him back inside and he ran under the bed and only came out to potty and eat for the next 2 weeks. He was such a sweet boy.

Hope you feel better soon.