Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Side of the Bed

Here are three of my four furbabies sleeping on my side of the bed while I write. Rocket, Spirit and Choas' version of peace on Earth. If only they would always get along so well! Someday!!!!

In case you're wondering, I sit about two feet to the right of where Rocket is lying when I write. That's why they all congregate on my side. Smalls, our third cat, sits underneath the bed skirt as close to me as she can get without being seen if Chaos is around. If the dog isn't, she joins the other two kitties on the bed. And yes, the cats are thrilled I'm writing again!

Another productive writing day on Friday though I struggled a bit because I was tired. I took my oldest daughter and a dance friend of hers who slept over to the mall to meet other Irish dancers for lunch, ice skating and shopping. I got to chat with the other moms for a couple of hours. It was really fun.

What did you do?


Dru said...

Nothing but clean. Today I feel is another clean day where I just finished doing the laundry.

Have a good Saturday.

Virginia said...

I spent Friday doing laundry and making cookies. Today I have to do the cleaning.

Glad you had a good day of writing!!!

Melissa said...

All that cleaning you're doing, Dru, makes my head spin. You're home is going to be so neat and sparkling.

Cleaning for you, too, Virginia! I really feel like a slackard.

And thanks. I just realized I forgot to update my widget so I did that just now. A grand total of 5406 words in two days. Not bad at all!

Brandy said...

You're doing fabulous with your word count!
I think it's sweet that your fur-babies want to be so near you while you write.
I haven't done much other than laundry, keeping the house straight, exercising and reading. *G*

I hope you have a great day!

Jane said...

I haven't done anything yet, but I plan to clean up a little.

limecello said...

cuuuuuuuuute! :) yay furbabies - so cute. I'm really worn out so I just want to rest. Hopefully the beast allows that to happen.

catslady said...

Your rocket looks just like my Baby. I can't get anywhere near my bed or I have cats surrounding me lol.

Congrats on the word count.

I got to meet with my friends for cards - with the holidays it's been a over a month.

Marianne Arkins said...

Chaos looks so comfy! She sleeps like Dakota, on her back. Very cute.

I'm just working, working, working...

Rottie_mom said...

Love the pic!!!