Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thursday

I've finished four of my eight RITA books as my reading binge continues. It's a mixed bag of genres with a couple of authors I've been meaning to read so am happy to finally do so. Thanks for letting me know what you're reading in the comment section. I will be looking into a couple of those books once I finish the rest of my RITA pile!

On the writing front, we (the four continuity authors) should hear something about the new continuity soon. Maybe as soon as tomorrow! And when that happens, my JaNoWriMo book will go on the backburner completely. But not working on it this past couple of weeks has actually given me a lot of insight into the 10K words I have on it. I now know how I want to open it and how to make those beginning chapters so much stronger!

My burn is feeling better. Thanks for the well-wishes! I was putting something into the oven (not my oven) and burned the top of my hand. I've been putting stuff on it and, fingers crossed, hope it's looking better this morning.

Sad news from Mount Hood again. A thirty-one year old woman, who was climbing with her husband, got hit with a chunk of ice, fell four hundred feet and died yesterday. According to news reports, the accident happened near the spot where the same thing happened to my friend on Saturday. Ice fall was one of the things the PMR guys who helped me with research told me could have taken out the two climbers in the prologue of Rescued by the Magic of Christmas.

Any random things from your corner of the world you want to share?


Dru said...

oh man, I'm sorry to hear that about the climber.

Random thing: I lost one of my earrings on the way to work.

catslady said...

Mountain climbing has to be unbelievably dangersous!

I recommend Neosporin with pain relief for your burn.

Going back to my sick bed - I just had to read my few blogs that I can't miss.

Virginia said...

I am really sorry to here about another climber. I hope your friend is doing better!

Not much happening in my neck of the woods. We have had snow and really cold weather the past week, but its going to get to 45 today and tomorrow and then turn cold and snow again.

I am making some baby quilts to store away for gifts and thats about all.

Cheri2628 said...

So sorry to hear about that climber! How is your friend Michael doing?

Brandy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that poor woman. Still keeping Michael in my thoughts. Glad to hear the burn is doing a bit better.
Catslady, I hope you feel better soon!
Nothing going on here. Feeling a bit tired and "down" today.

I hope you're having a nice day!

Marianne Arkins said...

Nothing random here... More cold, more wind, more typical Northeast winter. Blech.

I'm dreaming that it's May.

Jane said...

Hope the burn is healing. Nothing happening here.

Sarita Leone said...

Such sad news.

Randomness...mulling over a new book...baking a chocolate cake for late tea tonight...praying it doesn't snow tomorrow...

Have a nice day! And I hope your burn feels much better. :)

limecello said...

Oh no - that's really sad :(

Um... randomness here? I finally taught again today - heh whoops. All the teachers made little announcements like "Now we haven't had Street Law in a while, so I expect you to be well behaved..." >.< And I forgot stuff. I drove all around the city and had to go back to the school - and have food poisoning or something. Have been limited to plain oatmeal. (Unappetizing.)

Rottie_mom said...

Sorry to hear about the climber. Hope your friend makes a full recovery soon.

Hmm randomess here: oh it is going up to 77 degrees in Houston, which is even warm for us for this time of the year.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!