Saturday, March 14, 2009

Computer and Crossfit Catchup

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My two priorities this weekend are catching up on my weekly word count and Crossfit workouts. I don't want to tell you how many words I should type over the next two days, but it's a lot considering my current daily output. It means my computer and I will become intimately reacquainted and I might need to stock up on some chocolate.

I am still working on making up days 33, 34 and a new one, 40. Almost got the squats covered, but not the other exercises. I'm tired of having those hanging over me so I will get it done this weekend. My abs are going to be burning!

Of course, I'll still do my weekly shopping trip, Mass on Sunday and, I hope, something fun with the family.

What do you have going on this weekend?


catslady said...

I truly hope I never have to play catch up - the thoughts of doing more than what I'm doing now...

My husband's uncle (his only real relative now) is taking our family out to a very nice dinner on sunday - it was our Christmas gift. He randomly passed out stockings at Christmas and they had notes in them - I got to pick the date, my daughter the time, my other daughter picks the wine, and her boyfriend the place. My husband, and my daughter's husband, and the uncle's girlfriend are jsut invited - lol.

Jane said...

I'll probably be doing laundry.

Brandy said...

A quiet day for us, Mass and lots of laundry. *G*

Virginia said...

I am doing cleaning and laundry. I hope you get everything caught up.

Dru said...