Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vacation dreaming

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Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in the PNW. Still a little chilly, but blue skies abound. The same (along with a high of 55) is on tap today. Nice weather in the winter always gets me thinking about vacations.

Last year, I attended the RWA conference in SF and took the family for a nice vacation in the Bay Area. This year's conference is in Washington D.C. and I'm skipping it. So I started thinking about what other trips we had planned. That brought a big uh-oh.

Right now we have nothing planned except our annual family camping over the 4th of July and a trip to Seattle in late July for an Irish Dance feis. Of course I forgot to make the hotel reservations last month. I also realized I never made reservations at the kids favorite campground at Cape Disappointment. You can reserve a site nine months in advance so I really dropped the ball on that one, but it was back in the fall when my hands were giving me so much trouble and I was on deadline. Still the kids are going to want to camp on the beach this summer since our trip last year had to be cancelled.

Have you planned any summer vacations yet?