Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crossfit Challenge Day 29

Okay, I made a error with yesterday's post. I titled it right, but forgot to change the amount from Friday. You should have done 28. So if you did 27 of the exercises do an extra one of each today. Sorry about that. I was very tired when I wrote it.

Today do:

29 sit ups, 29 push ups (or sub exercise) and 29 air squats (or step ups.)

Post to comments when you've done it!

We're starting a new month. A few of you have fallen behind, but kudos for catching up! Others aren't posting anymore, but I'm hoping you're just too busy and doing it on your own. Even if you are behind or want to join in now, please do! Just exercising a little bit is so good for you.

Since starting this Crossfit Challenge on February 1st, I have lost 5 pounds. I made no other changes in my diet until Ash Wednesday which was just a few days ago! So keep at it even if you have to break up the exercises a lot during the day or even slow down a bit. Don't let this be you:

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