Thursday, March 05, 2009


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When I saw this picture this morning, a Christmas memory flooded my mind.

When my youngest was just a toddler, she asked for a Chihauhua from Santa. All she could talk about was the doggy she was going to get for Christmas. She'd already named it too...Daisy.

On Christmas morning, she couldn't wait to open her gifts and find Daisy. She unwrapped her present from Santa and found a stuffed Chihuahua complete with crystal studded pink collar and leash. Confusion washed over her face, then realization. "But I wanted Santa to bring me a real one."


catslady said...


Now this is eerie - my word verification was - notticat!!!!

Virginia said...

What a sweet story, love the pic

Brandy said...

That's a cute story! Does she still want the Chihuahua? *G*

I hope you're having a terrific day!

Sarita Leone said...


Dru said...

aaawwww, that is so cute.

limecello said...

Awe - adorable! Also I'm not even ashamed, but scared to admit how far behind I am on the challenge. Eek!

Jane said...

Very cute.