Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tightening the belt

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This weekend I went back to Safeway and bought five more boxes of cereal. The family was with me. I thought it would be good to show them the power of coupons and shopping sales. We walked out with approximately $100 of groceries that cost us a little over $38 plus we received a $10 catalina (prints out at checkout time) for our next purchase of frozen foods. And the best part is I bought food we like, not just stuff because it was on sale. That to me is a waste of money.

I earned more smiles yesterday when hubby was headed with the kidlets to Irish dance. I handed him a map and five coupons. We usually drive another dancer to class on Tuesdays so that's why the five coupons and not four. Jack in the Box was giving away a free small soda and fries. No purchase necessary. All you needed was a coupon, one per customer. I'd found the link to the giveaway on one of the blogs I'd posted about a couple of weeks ago, did a quick google search to find the one closest to the dance studio and voila! A free before class snack for all!

So even though we're on a pretty tight budget right now with our Total Money Makeover and seem to be tightening our belt even more, it's not so bad when freebies and other deals, like free Redbox movies, keep popping up on my google reader!

Do you budget your money or not worry about it?


Dru said...

I budget my money. If I can't afford it, I don't buy it. I also make sure I put money away for those raining days.

Congrats on how you're spending your money wisely. Isn't it great to get freebies.

Amy said...

We budget, but I'm not obsessive about sales and stocking up.

WTG on the coupon sales.

catslady said...

I scrimp and save (was raised that way) but unfortunately hubby was an only child that thinks you ought to just get what you want :(

I had a couple nice freebies that I had slowly earned expire on me because I was sick and didn't go to the store and totally forgot about them - bummer.

Virginia said...

Oh Wow you are doing well with the coupons. I do jump on the sales myself and stock up. My freezer is full right now. So I need to back off for a while. This should save on my grocery bill for a while.

Brandy said...

I budget and clip coupons but am not great at getting sales like the one you did. We also wait until times when we have a bit of extra money to buy some necessities like sheets and clothes for the kids. I grew up watching my parents scrape to give me things and came to appreciate the sacrifices and hard work it took for them to do so. Hubs? Not so much. *G*
Free Redox rentals? AWESOME. Keep up the great work!

Jane said...

I also budget and use coupons whenever I can.