Friday, July 17, 2009


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This pic cracked me up. I'm so not bored. I don't know what boredom means. I wish I did! But I just always have something to do.

The kidlets, however, are like the cat above. More toys and gadgets than anyone needs and what do I hear? "I'm bored." "What can we do?" It's enough to drive you crazy. This only happens in the middle of rainy season. Right now, with the sun shining, there's no way they could be bored. In our little cul de sac there are 18 kids in 6 houses so it's like nonstop recess because there's always some one to ride bikes or scooters with, play baseball or soccer and run through sprinklers or have a water balloon fight. This is why I wanted to live in a neighborhood like this!

Do you ever find yourself bored?


Dru said...

Sometimes I'm bored. When I'm bored is when I find myself in situations that I should never have been in. Being bored is not good for me. So I'm glad I have hobbies to keep me from being bored.

Tori Lennox said...

I do find myself bored sometimes. But given all the crap that's gone on in our family the last few years, bored isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

Been too many years to count since I was bored. There is always something to do, or read :) Even growing up my bro, sis and I always found ways to entertain ourselves. If we nagged mom she would put us to work cleaning or something (more than our regular chores LOL)

catslady said...

Never, Only if I was trapped somewhere without a book lol. Your kids really are lucky to live where there are lots of kids. We bought our house because it was a dead end and were told it wouldn't be developed because it was between two counties - Wrong. Instead it became a through way - arrghh.

Brandy said...

I only get bored at night when I can't sleep. I usually end up getting up and baking or something. The kids are enjoying the sunny weather here, too.

I hope you're having a good day!