Thursday, July 02, 2009

More writing

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I smiled when I saw this LOLcat. So cute! There are times, like this morning, when lying down on the floor and going back to sleep would feel so good.

I continue to wake up at the most insane hours with no alarm clock needed. Yesterday it was before 5 am. Today I managed to sleep in until 5:15 am. This is so not me!

Anyway, I get up and walk two or so steps to my chair and computer. A good thing it's not a huge distance or I might end up like the LOLcat above. Of course, being so close to the bed means I'm not burning a lot of calories right now since I'm not getting out of my bedroom much these days so a diet and extra exercise will be forthcoming, but the location sure is convenient when it's bedtime!

Better get to work! Hope you're having a fun day!