Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hand Therapy

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This cracked me up. This would be our cats. We have one television in the house and it's only 20".

I went to my first session of hand therapy yesterday. I have two different colors of putty to work with to regain strength in my hand. It's got 50% less strength than my right. Yikes! I have a sheet full of different types of exercises to do. I have two sessions next week.

While I was doing some of the exercises we talked about the CTS symptoms I'd had the past year and how I figured out if I was doing push ups or certain weight lifting exercises, it got worse. She explained the physiology by having me imagine a garden hose that gets bent and plugged. The same thing happens in that push up position and then you add weight (either body or a barbell) to it. Not a good thing in my case!

She recommended icing my palms if I'm writing a lot, even if I'm not having symptoms. She says that a lot of issues are because of swelling/inflammation and ice can really help that. Seems easy enough to try! And she said to keep sleeping in my hand braces. Again, easy to do.

Hope you have a nice Saturday! We're coming into another hot spell with 100+ degrees on tap. With no a/c, I'm not looking forward to it!