Monday, July 13, 2009

Contest Winners!

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No, I don't have an army of evil robots, but I did push the button at the random generator website to select the winners for my contest!

To celebrate the release of Dream Date with the Millionaire, I've been running a contest the past few weeks. To enter, you just had to post a comment here on the blog. I didn't think I'd still be on deadline when I picked this date to announce who won, but I did so here we go.

The prizes were:

1st prize: A $10 Amazon gift certificate or four books off the list here.

2nd prize: A $5 Amazon gift certificate or 2 books off the list here.

3rd prize: One book off the list here.

And the winners are:

1st prize: Sarita L. with her comment on "Sleepy"
2nd prize: Marianne A. with her comment on "Weekend Plans"
3rd prize: Catslady with her comment on "Mount Hood and more"

Congrats to the winners! Please email me your name, address, email address and prize you'd like via the contact form on my website. Once I finish the book, I'll confirm I received your info. But don't expect to hear back from me until Thursday, most likely Friday!

Thanks to all who entered! I love reading your comments and share them with my family!

Okay, back to the book :-)