Wednesday, July 08, 2009


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The temperature has dropped here. Thank goodness because it made writing and sleep difficult. Every summer it's the same thing...wishing we'd installed a/c, complaining a bit and surviving the heat spell. It's only early July so I'm sure there will be more hot days ahead!

I continue to write, write, write. One week to go until I have to send in the book. The first seven chapters are in great shape. The last part of the book not so much. Better get back to it.

Is the weather where you are cool or hot or just right today?


Jane said...

It's hot and humid here. Good luck.

Brandy said...

It was supposed to be hot today, but thankfully it's overcast and drizzling. I'd love a good 'ol pouring down storm, but I'll take it! *G*

Best wishes for finishing your book!

Dru said...

With the sun shing so brightly and the temp at 78, it's hot.

Good luck finishing your book.

catslady said...

We've been having some lovely weather - warm with a bit of a breeze. We really haven't needed our A/C except a couple of times which is great for saving on electricity.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks! Another chapter finished and off to my cp!

We have overcast skies again! I hope the cool temps continue for a few more days. It makes it much easier to sit at my computer and write.

Sarita Leone said...

Sending good writing thoughts your way. I hope it's going well, and that you're taking some time to relax, as well.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Heat wave here in Houston TX. I know it gets hot here but this summer has been hotter much sooner! Was hell yesterday moving with 101 temps (felt like 110 sigh). Good luck with the writing!!!