Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm heading south to Amy's house. She has a pool and a/c. We're miserable here. Sorry I haven't been blog-hopping. Our upstairs, where my computer is, is over 90 degrees by lunchtime. I just can't sit here for too long. We've been going to the library, the store, any place that has a/c to keep cool. Anyway, hope you are staying cool wherever you are!



Brandy said...

It's warm and humid here, we're only cooling down during thunderstorms. Have fun and stay cool!

catslady said...

I don't blame you. We haven't been using our A/C very much (for company) but then we aren't having such high temperatures as you. I do hate the humdity though. Think cool thoughts (haha).

Anne-Kathrine said...

Yikes def hot there too. It is hot and humid here but at least I have a/c inside. Wished I had a/c in my car that worked (or that I could actually afford to drive and run the ac at the same time). Think cool thoughts lol.