Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty vs. action figures.

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My house is full of Star Wars figures and Legos. My son sets up battle scenes all over. The other cats have always left them alone, not Beauty. I found a Yoda Santa Lego guy in my shoe. One Lego piece can keep her entertained for hours as she bats it around on the hardwood floors. She seems to think anything left out, especially if it has a removable helmet, lightsaber or blaster is hers. A few clonetroopers never saw her coming. We'll be waiting for them to go on sale to replace.

Not much to report. I've been flying solo this week. That means I'm falling behind on my writing and am constantly tired trying to do all the driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. myself. I really don't know how single parents do it. Only one more day until hubby returns!

What are you doing?


Brandy said...

Isn't it funny what cats will play with? Our cats favorite toys are shaped pipe cleaners, they dance all over the floor with them. *g* Poor clonetroopers. I bet the tale of Beauty will run rampant among them. *G*
Hugs for the days running solo. You're doing great!

Jane said...

Not doing much. My brother had so much Legos and figurines when we were little.

Virginia said...

We have had our share of legos and such but no cat to take their parts. Its cold and icy here now.