Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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This LOLcat made me smile. I know my furbabies think I'm theirs. When I'm not upstairs, Spirit will meow and slowly move down the stairs and become more annoying until I either pick her up or go back upstairs. She likes me in my writing spot. If I'm not there, she's not happy. It's pretty funny.

I've often heard that animals pick you. That was the case with the black cat we had growing up, DuPree, who walked into our house one day and stayed. It was also true with Smalls, though I'm sure her initial reasons for hanging around was not wanting to move away from her house. This weekend I heard about a story from a friend who volunteers at the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society. She's also the one who helped us adopt Yoda and Beauty. She volunteered at an adoption event at PetSmart on Saturday and with her permission, I'm sharing what she posted on Facebook:
We had a little nine year old girl walk into our event yesterday with her Dad. Her cat had just passed away. Her Dad told her she could choose any cat she wanted. Betty was patiently waiting in the first cage, at twelve years old and mustered ...her strength to hold her paw out to the girl. Next to Betty were two adorable, perfect kittens playing happily. The girl looked at her Dad and pointed to Betty...yes, that was the cat she wanted. Her Dad crouched down and said that Betty only has a few years to live. The little girl stated that is why she wanted to adopt her. She couldn't bear to think of her dying in the shelter. They then proceeded to go home to think about it....at 3pm that little girl came back with her Dad...with carrier in hand they walked into the store in tears. She looked at me and said they had come for Betty. Cheers went up and we were all elated...
Reading that warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing little girl! I hope her parents are proud of her.

Betty is a black and white tuxedo cat who's owner died. I have a feeling she knew that little girl would love and pamper her the way her beloved owner did. Here is a picture of Betty if you'd like to see her.

If you're not already voting for an animal shelter in The Animal Rescue Site giveaway, would you mind taking a minute and voting for WCGHS? I've been doing it everyday, and I saw on their Facebook page they have been falling behind in the voting. Here's how you vote:

1) Copy this name: West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.
2) Click here.
3) Paste the name where it says Shelter Name.
4) Under State, choose WA.
5) Press Search. West Columbia Gorge Humane Society will show up below.
6) Press Vote.
7) You'll be taken to a page to type in a random letters and enter to confirm you're human. Do that and you'll be done.

If you vote again, you may not have to through all that again. It's just showing up for me.