Sunday, January 08, 2012

Breakfast time

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This LOLcat made me laugh. Just yesterday, I told a couple of the cats that they were only being nice to me because I feed them.

They have also been trying to trick me into feeding them more. This weekend, hubby and Rose had to be at Mount Hood Community College by 7:30 am for warm-ups before the swim meet. Needless to say they left early. When I woke up, all for cats assumed their positions...their positions to be fed. I assumed hubby hadn't fed them. So I did what any good butler cat owner would do—I fed them.

With their stomachs full, they surrounded me on the bed to nap the morning away while I wrote.

Sweet kitties.

Until I found out they had tricked me. Hubby fed them breakfast before he left. Argh. Double feeding. Of course, they also wanted lunch! Grrr!

They tried the same stunt this morning. But I was smarter. Well, until they wouldn't leave me alone so I did gave them a tiny little snack. Now they are sacked out on the bed with me again. And will sleep until their tummies tell them it's time for the butler mommy to get them food again.

Wonder what they'll try tomorrow morning when hubby and I wake up at the same time.


Virginia said...

Sounds like they love their butler mommy for food. They will try to get to the both of you again I am sure.

Brandy said...

Kitties are funny! Be careful, because once they feel they've established a routine.... *g*

Dru said...

Cats are so smart.

Sarita said...

That is so funny! They really are so smart, aren't they?