Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Not only is it cold, but it's snowing. We keep getting flurries off and on. A few school districts are closed in the area. Two field trips we had planned for today were canceled because of the weather. I could understand the Bonneville Dam tour, but OMSI canceling surprised me since it's right in downtown Portland. Better safe than sorry I guess.

I'll be spending my day writing and schooling the kids. Before signing off, I'll leave you with this...

Looks like Big Cats like Christmas Trees as much as our little Beauty!

Have a nice Monday!


Brandy said...

Sorry to hear the field trips were cancelled. Will they be rescheduled?
Happy Writing today!

Virginia said...

Well on Tuesday it was close to 60 and raining. The high on Wed. is going to be 35, talk about a weather change.