Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Life-sized Barbie Kitty

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This LOLcat made me smile! I think it's applicable to both two and four-legged creatures. I must say even my cats are polite at the vet which is the only public they come in contact with!

I wanted to share the latest pic of my newest troublemaker. Beauty is four and a half months old and into everything. She can now reach the top of a five drawer vertical dresser in a single bound. Well, this is what she got into yesterday.

Beauty...the newest toy from Barbie!

Big day here. My thirteen year old daughter gets her braces off. The appointment is at eight and I slept through the alarm so need to get ready.

Have a great Wednesday!


Brandy said...

Love that picture of Beauty. She's such a cutie! Best wishes for your daughter and her braces! Freedom! *g*

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Cute pic. Yay, for your daughter.

Virginia said...

Very cute pic of Beauty! So happy for your daughter getting her braces off.

Dru said...

Oh congratulations to Daughter. Is she excited?

Love the picture of Beauty.