Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Fun

funny pictures - Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: YOINK!
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The above pic makes me think of Beauty. Kittens find fun in almost anything. I know I could take a lesson from her and all kittens by being more playful and curious about things! How about you?

It's amazing how not being on deadline feels. I have this week and possibly most of next week before I hear on revisions for my continuity book and then have to be writing a certain amount a day to get those in on time.

I'm not being a slackard (I still have two more books to write by the end of July), but I'm not pushing myself as hard as I usually do. Instead, I've been reading, writing and watching movies. I even managed to catch my fave show Once Upon a Time last night. I had been watching it online due to lack of time. That's no fun because it's our family show, the one we watch all together.

I'm looking forward to this week. No pressure writing. Finishing up my RITA entries. Checking more items off my To Do list. Getting my Happy New Year cards in the mail. How about you?


Stace said...

This week, I'm getting organised. I'm having a huge clearout, rearranging rooms in the house, doing the financial stuff and trying to cram in as much writing as I can before you get your revisions. Must be time to break out the chocolate! :)

Virginia said...

I need to try and get some housecleaning done. I am still having problems with my back so it will be hard to get everything done that needs to be done.

Melissa McClone said...

Good luck, Stace!

Hope your back feels better, Virginia. Hugs.

Jane said...

That pic is so funny and cute. I missed "Once Upon a Time" last night because I was flipping back and forth between the SAG awards and the Pro Bowl.

Dru said...

LOL at the photo.

It's a tough work week for me.

Brandy said...

Love kittens, they are so much fun in their curiosity and cuteness.
This week has not started off the greatest, but I'm hopeful for the rest!

Best wishes for a fabulous week!