Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catch up Day

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My husband travels a lot. By the time Friday rolls around, whether I'm on deadline or not, I'm pretty tired. Last night was worse than normal. We watched the kidlets swim at a meet, went out to dinner then I came home and read. There's more swimming today, but not for me! I get some much needed peace and quiet. Well, as much as my beloved fur-babies will allow. I plan to spend the day resting and relaxing, reading and writing, and taking care of some much needed items on my To Do list! I know I owe at least one or two contest prizes from here and elsewhere!

What are you up to?


Virginia said...

I am doing laundry right now, still having back problems so not planning on doing a whole lot just what I have to get done.

Brandy said...

I've taken care of a few household things, need to run a couple of errands and hope to swim some laps today. So, not much really. *g*
I hope you get to rest and relax today. You deserve it!

Dru said...

right now I'm relaxing after a long and busy week. I'm working on a quilt and doing some reading.

Have a good weekend.

Jane said...

Spent all day watching sports. First the Australian Open Women's Final, then the NHL All Star Skills Competition.

Amy W. said...

Spent the day (10 hours! I know you are familiar with the rountine) at the YMCA State Swim Meet in Federal Way. Both of the kids swam well!