Friday, January 20, 2012

Two videos

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In deadline mode, so this will be brief.

Last year, I posted the Volkswagen Superbowl commercial featuring the Darth Vader kid. We'll they've done another Star Wars inspired ad this year only with dogs. It's called The Bark Side. So much fun! I love the dogs that have costumes on!

I realized I hadn't talked about the book soundtrack of the continuity I'm finishing up. Like a couple of my other stories, I only found one song for His Larkville Cinderella. But it really fits. Enjoy!

Any big plans for the weekend? Bet you can guess what I'll be doing!


Virginia said...

No big plans for the weekend but maybe laundry and reading. Having problems with my back so I can't do much

Brandy said...

We saw the VW commercial last night (After I'd forgotten to tell the family about it yesterday.) and everyone loved it.
I like how you use music to set your books. Best wishes for your writing!

Jane said...

Good luck with the writing. Looking forward to the new batch of Super Bowl commercials.

Amy W. said...

The tealights in the video reminded me of a video I saw from Oslo Norway last July--very moving.