Saturday, January 14, 2012


funny pictures - NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS
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This pretty much sums up the first couple of weeks of January for me. But I'm not giving up on my resolutions and goals. Just need to get my continuity book finished and feel better, then I can get back to it.

It would also help to get my Christmas tree down and all the decorations put away. Still feels like December around here. Now that hubby is back after a week away it'll happen. I couldn't climb up and bring down the containers that hold all the stuff. So everything stayed up!

How are your resolutions for 2012 going?


Virginia said...

Not two well so far. I did manage to get in about four good walks and then the weather has turned off cold and snow is falling. This really sucks because I was enjoying the walks now I have to come up with some other exercise to do.

Brandy said...

I didnt make any, other than to do more things I like this year. So far it's going okay.
Hope you and your family have an enjoyable day.

Dru said...

Didn't make any. Have a good weekend.