Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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If kovert kitteh was staring out the window at my house, he'd see...SNOW!

Yes, it's finally snowing. Nothing's sticking, but I love seeing the big, fat snowflakes fall from the sky. This is what we've been waiting for all winter. Hope we accumulate enough for the kidlet's to build a snowman!

There's no virtual book tour stop today. I purposely took Wednesdays off because they were so busy. Today, however, is a day of rest. I won't be teaching this afternoon, but resting so I can recover.

Spending my time in bed has let me sleep, cuddle with animals, write and play on the Internet. I've been tweeting a bit and managed to get 1200 words written in a one hour challenge with a couple other romance writers. I've also been watching sales of my book, something I rarely have time or inclination to do, and feeling seriously love for my NOOKbook readers.

This morning I checked my sales rank and yelled to hubby I was at 262 (best I've ever seen.) He said, "I hope that's pages." Grrr.

I heard from my editor. She wanted to know if I had any visuals for the Christmas book. (The one I'm currently writing.) Today they are talking about the cover art. I sent her a few ideas. The last two Christmas Magic/Hood Hamlet books have had horse drawn sleighs on the covers. I can't help but wonder what they'll come up with.

Okay, I'd better get... Well, not busy. I'll be spending it in bed again except for helping get the Atrium at church set up. But I did sleep in today, and I'm a little hungry. Time for breakfast! Hope the snow is still falling!

Have a nice day!