Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day Finally!

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This describes my family perfect. Add in a dog named Chaos and craziness around here.  But big, fluffy white flakes are covering everything right now!

My wishing for snow has finally paid off. All those nights of the kidlets wearing their jammies inside out haven't been for naught. Yes, it's snowing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It's still early in the morning, but it's a winter wonderland outside, a scene straight out of Narnia! The kidlets are going to be so excited!

So will the dog. Chaos loves bounding through the snow. Her fave jaunt is up to Mount Hood to hike up the glacier, but we haven't had the time (or enough of us healthy) to do that this winter. 

The cats, who always are inside, could care less about the white stuff everyone oohs and aahs about. They'd rather have the attention directed toward them. They act rather perturbed when they don't get it.

Needless to say, it'll be a fun day!

A couple book related things for you...

Today, I'm making another stop on my virtual book tour at The Heart of Romance. I'm interviewing Prince Niko and Princess Izzy from Expecting Royal Twins! It should be fun so I hope you stop by. Be sure to comment at the book tour stop. Each comment enters you to win a $20 Amazon gift card. Only three more stops to go after this one!

I also have a brand new author page at Facebook. It went up last night. My web designer Julie of Blogger Boutique (formerly Zip.Zog.Zoom.) created a fun welcome landing page. It's right there on the left. You can get there by pressing the "f" button up on the right below the Connect with Me heading. I'd love to get 25 people to like the page so I (okay, Julie) can name it for me. Hint. Hint.

If you happen to be looking for someone to design a blogger template or a Facebook landing page, I can't recommend Julie more highly. She's easy to work with, patient with crazy schedules like mine and very quick.

Hope you have a great Thursday.  I'm  looking forwarded to playing in the snow and writing!  How about you?