Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kitty Love

Funny Pictures - Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
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Those are some cute kitties! I especially like the Happy Kitty. What about you?

The Sleepy Kitty reminds me of Super Bowl Sunday. We watched the game at my parents' house. My sister's family came too.

Cupcake, my niece's kitten, tagged along. The kitty is a few months old and has had quite a few health issues since being adopted from the humane society. Last week she had an allergic reaction to a vaccination. Poor kitty.

She's a real cute, a black and white tuxedo cat. But my niece is a little upset with her. Cupcake only likes to be with one person...my dad. The cat won't go to anyone else.

The kitten spent most of the game on my dad's recliner, sleeping against his leg and the chair arm. More than once, the Super Bowl was forgotten because everyone had to see Cupcake's newest sleeping position. Even the boys!

But no one could touch Cupcake. My dad wouldn't let anyone, not even the grandkids, near her. "Don't bother the cat. She's sleeping." Forget "Go Packers." The other became the mantra during the game.

It was pretty funny how protective my dad was with the kitten. He claims not to like pets. But they sure love him.

I remember when I was a teenager and woke up early one morning. I found my dad in the kitchen making little piles of canned cat food on a plate for our cat Dupree. The cat would eat a pile and then get another. This was a cat my dad had called "that damn cat" on more than one occasion. Yet, here he was practically hand feeding that same cat.

Makes me wonder what treats he might be giving to Cupcake when no on is looking! Homemade jerky, anyone?