Saturday, February 26, 2011


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If you lived at my house, you'd understand why the above lolcat made me laugh. It pretty much sums up my furbabies on a weekly (often daily) basis. One of them (cats or dog) is always getting into or doing something. I look at them and can just tell by the expression on their face. But it keeps me entertained (when I'm not having to clean up the messes) and they give so much in return!

We still have snow! The roads are clear so it's perfect. Love days like this.

Today I'm staying inside and writing. My hero and heroine are going backcountry skiing on Mount Hood. I roughed out the scene a couple weeks ago and spoke to one of my research contacts to fill in the gaps. Now I'm ready to rewrite it!

A big thanks to everyone who's been buying Expecting Royal Twins! Harlequin Presents author Jennie Lucas let me know it's #6 on the Mills & Boon weekly bestseller list. It's packaged with Cara Colter's To Dance with the Prince title so the credit is more hers than mine. I'm so happy to be paired with her. I've been loving Cara's books since she wrote for Silhouette Romance.

The book's still hanging in there with the Nook sales ranking, too. I'd only been looking at the overall sales ranking, but Barbara Freethy, whose Angel's Bay books are totally awesome reads, let me know it was on the Contemporary Romance Bestseller list. When I looked this morning it was #38! So cool! I'm trying not to look at rankings too much because they jump all over the place and I have to write, but I must admit it's been really fun to watch over the last two weeks.

Well, I'd better get to work. I'll check in here when I take breaks so let me know what you've got going on in your corner of the world.