Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Card

This is the card hubby got me for Valentine's Day. Do you notice anything about the design?

I thought it looked familiar. It took me a few seconds until I realized why.

Me: It looks like my website.

Hubby: I know.

Me: Did you get this because of that?

Hubby: You really have to ask that.

Me to myself: Okay, probably not.

He pointed out the little birds. The hearts. The colors. Very sweet, indeed. I couldn't have asked for a better card.

Even though I love to ski, climb and hike and I don't wear a lot of dresses, make-up and jewelry, I'm still a total girly girl. I love hearts and flowers and little birdies. When the new website design went live last year, one of my RCRW chaptermates said it was so me. Yep! And so is my Valentine's Day card.

Today I'm at another stop on my virtual book tour. I'm being interviewed at the Book Junkie. Stop bye and say hi! You're comment there will enter you in the Amazon gift card giveaway. Plus it'll keep me from getting lonely!