Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It's off!

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I emailed my proposal last night. Considering I started over with it right before Easter, I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief. Writing the synopsis is always painful, but with this one not so much thanks to my Story Mastery template and Blake Snyder Beat Sheet. Both the chapters and the synopsis came in shorter than I usually send, but with the rewrite and a sinus infection I'm satisfied with it. Of course, I have to wait to see what my editor says. I might be singing a different tune then!

I was working so hard last night I missed The Event! Oh, well. I'll catch it on line sometime today. I have lots of little things to do that will be perfect to keep my hands busy while I watch the show.

Speaking of shows, did you catch The Voice on NBC last week? I was curious after the endless slew of ads so tuned in. It had already started, but I enjoyed what I saw. It's not a carbon copy of American Idol, so if you like that kind of reality show you might want to check out The Voice tonight.

Okay, time to hang with the kidlets! Have a great day!