Friday, November 02, 2012

Contest Winner and Norwegian Elkhounds

Chaos in her Halloween costume
The kidlets and Chaos had a very fun time Trick or Treating on Wednesday night. A friend of Finn's came over to join in the fun and spend the night.

Mackenna dressed up as a purple crayon. She headed over to a friend's house for the evening. That neighborhood has homes that give out King Size candy bars. She was happy with her candy haul.

Finn dressed up as Finn from Adventure Time. He got lots of comments about his costume. That show is more popular than I realize.

His friend Matthew was a lumberjack. He made an axe out of wood to carry. It was very cool.

Rose was a raccoon. She looked absolutely adorable with her little black mask and furry hood.

Of course, Chaos goes out, too. If not I wouldn't be able to answer the door to pass out candy. Can you tell what she is?

Last night we went to Camas Photography which is owned by my friend Jennifer. The Norwegian Elkhound breeder, Jan, from Hillsboro met us there for a photo shoot with three puppies. These three little guys are Chaos' grandsons!

We had so much fun! They are the sweetest little puppies. All over the place, but oh-so-cute all you want to do is cuddle them. I can't wait to see the pics. The one on the right I took with my iPhone so not the best quality!

It's time to announce the winner of the October contest. The winner is Jane who commented on my post Calling In Dead. Jane, please you the contact button to send my your email address and let me know whether you want a $10 amazon or gift certificate. You have 7 days to contact me or I'll pick another winner! Thanks to everyone who entered.

A new contest started yesterday. Each comment gets you an entry. Be sure to check back at the beginning of next month to see if you won!

Have a great Friday!