Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

This morning I called my dad to wish him a Happy Veterans Day! Both he and hubby's late father were both veterans (AF, my dad and Navy/retired Naval Reserves, hubby's dad). One of hubby's brothers served in the Marine Corps during the Gulf War, too. My mom was a little girl with pigtails and still playing with dolls when my dad served so his being in the military never affected our lives except, I suppose, when he got a VA loan to buy their house, which I don't remember, either.

But today is the day to remember the service and sacrifice the men and women of the US military made and continue to make for all Americans. And to thank them!

Like the LOLcat above, our military has saved us and our way of life so many times. And many things they've done we will never know about. Some are most likely doing something right now in a place far, far from home. And like the little kitten above, we should watch over those warriors who've done so much for us. Not only today, Veterans Day, but every day.

A website I've mentioned on this blog is SOFREP. When you have a moment listen to their SOF Heroes Project. Members of the SOFREP community read the names of fallen Special Operators.

And this is a nice video to watch today...

Thank you to all the veterans and those who serve now! Happy Veterans Day!