Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Puppy

Grandma Chaos and Grandson
 Norwegian Elkhound pups are just so cute. I guess puppies by definition are cute, but red puppy was adorable and so sweet!

Yesterday Rose and I drove red puppy back to the breeder. We were sad to see him go. His personality really came out after Thanksgiving. He liked to run, chase and play with anything he could sink his sharp little teeth into. We had to watch our hands and clothing and most especially, shoes.

When he arrived, he'd never used a leash. It didn't take Mackenna long to get him leashed trained. He had no issues with it at all. He also learned when we took him out to the grass, it was time for him to go potty. Oh, there were still some accidents in the house, but he was doing much better by the time he left.

Hide & Seek or Naptime?

He wasn't quite sure why no one wanted to play with him. Not humans, but Chaos and the cats. He tried everything to get them to play. But he usually got bopped on the head by a cat or earned a growl from Chaos. Still I have to give him credit for trying. At one point he bopped Beauty on the head. She bopped him back. This went on a few times until the puppy crouched ready to play. Beauty, however, turned and walked away. Poor red puppy.

We'll be getting one of his brothers sometime this week to socialize so will go through the entire routine again: leash training, potty training, socializing. A good thing since the house seems really quiet now. And this house is rarely quiet!

What did you do this weekend?