Thursday, November 08, 2012

Writing & Cat Links

I took Monday off to relax and play with my new Kindle Fire. Tuesday I did some edits/critiques for an online writing class I'm in and caught up on the assignment I missed the first week due to revisions. Now I'm back to writing. Next up...

Twelve Days in Hood Hamlet!

Okay, that's the working title, but I think it's cute and I hope they keep it. This is another one of my Mount Hood Mountain Rescue Christmas Magic stories and it features a fireman hero, Bill Paulson. He's the last of the original group (one was already married.) It's hard to believe I've gone through them all when I was only going to write the one story. And my next release in March features another mountain rescuer who was new to the group.

On the kitty front, Miss Mousie's stitches are out. She's doing well. There's an update here if you want to know more.

I also found two very funny cat links I have to share:

The first one came across my Facebook page yesterday. It's on enpundint and is called If Fonts Were Cats. Definitely worth a click. Here's the link.

The other I found through my Twitter friend Eliza Evans, who is a big Miss Mousie supporter. She'd tweeted about a cat who was his own uncle. Of course, crazy cat lady that I am, had to click on the link and came across Cat-Shaming on Tumblr. It's similar to the Dog-Shaming one and hilarious. Worth a visit, too! Here's the link.