Thursday, November 01, 2012

On the Shelves!

My latest book, HIS LARKVILLE CINDERELLA, is on sale in both paperback and digital. I realize my confusion over my release date for those who may have read my blog on Tuesday is that there are two different dates. One for the paperback (that was Tuesday) and one for the digital version today.

The book is #5 of Harlequin Romance's The Larkville Legacy continuity series, but my story is very much standalone.

The story is set in Hollywood, and I must admit I had a blast writing this one. The hero, Adam Noble, is an A-list actor (think someone like Chris Hemsworth) and the heroine, Megan Calhoun, is a costume design intern.

Here's the back cover copy:

Swapping the Texas dust...

The small-town girl with big dreams has finally reached Hollywood! For years, costume designer Megan Calhoun has longed to be seen for who she is, not who she isn't. But under the gaze of A-list hearthrob Adam Noble, this Cinderella begins to step out of the showdows.... 

For Hollywood glitter!

Adam hides from his painful past behind every role he plays. But something in Megan is threatening to smash apart this carefully construed facade. Will he finally take his biggest risk...throw away the script and open his heart?

Okay, sales pitch over with. That should appease hubby. Anyone got any cute pics of cats?