Monday, November 05, 2012

Revisions off!

 I emailed my revisions last night! Huge sigh of relief.

It was a crazy weekend with being up in Olympia, Washington Friday and Saturday for my oldest's high school swim districts. Friday night I sat on a chair out in the hallway and worked until 2 am. My roommate, another swim mom, went to go to bed at 10 pm and I needed light since I was reading through the manuscript on paper. I had a comfy chair and it was a great place to sit to make sure no swimmers decided to go out.

The team did well. All three relay teams placed in the top 8. My daughter swam on two of them. She placed 13th in the 200 IM. The captain of the team is going to be swimming at state. She won the 100 Breast and placed 3rd in the 200 IM.

I spent yesterday reading through the manuscript one last time and typing in those revisions. I would have liked to do one more pass, but there wasn't time.

This morning, I'm heading to the school to volunteer. I missed my shift last month due to being sick and there's no school on my scheduled day due to a holiday. I'd much rather sleep in and have a lazy morning, but oh, well...

Hope you have a nice Monday!