Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another New Title

Just when I'd come to embrace Stranded with the Bad Boy for the title of my continuity book, they changed the title on my today. The new (or would that be newest?) title is S.O.S. Marry Me! I guess the other title was deemed too sexy and crossed line boundaries. Of course, that probably would have related to higher sales. Just kidding!

A title is a title. Too many people have input-editorial, marketing and focus groups-to get attached to a book title. I remember when I was asked to change Enough About Henry to something else. I was devastated. We came up with title The Wedding Masquerade since all the other Henry matchmaking books had the word "wedding" in the titles. Then marketing asked to add the word Billionaire so the title became The Billionaire's Wedding Masquerade. Talk about a mouthful. But then the book sold pretty well so I stopped worrying about titles. The powers that be do know what they are doing.

Do you pay much attention to titles as a reader? Would the title of the book make you pick it up? Or would it keep you from buying it?


Brandy said...

I always hope the title conveys even a little bit of the book to me, the reader. I have to say, it's usually the title that grabs me, when it's an author that's not an automatice buy.

Hope your day is going better today and that you are taking care of yourself.

Dru said...

The title will catch my attention to the point where I will pick up the book. The synopsis will help me decide whether I buy the book. Of course this pertains to authors I don't automatically buy.

I like the sound of S.O.S. Marry Me!

How are your classes going?

Melissa said...

Today is much better than yesterday, Brandy! Thanks for asking. I need to remember to eat dinner though. Never got around to it last night and woke up very hungry.

Glad you like the sound of the new title, Dru. I have no opinion yet. The class is going well. I took 23 pages of notes today and 23 yesterday. My hand hurts.

But the sky is blue and it's a lovely summer day. Was hoping to climb, but still waiting to hear if it's a go or not. Hope I hear something soon cause I'm getting hungry!

Bailey Stewart said...

The title of a book will make me pick it up, but not automatically buy it. A title has never kept me from buying a book.

Glad you found Rocket.

Melissa said...

Thanks Bailey!

Michelle said...

I've come to accept that my titles will likely never be chosen, so I just let the PTB choose what they want. :) I'm not a fan of the titles that are fifty-bazillion words long, e.g. The Spanish Doctor's Forbidden Secret Virgin Mistress. (grins)

Melissa said...

But at least you know what the Spanish Doctor book is all about, Michelle. I gotta admit with that title, I'm very curious how she could be both a virgin and mistress though ;)